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Limitless Server Uses

What sort of things can our servers be used for?  Well, pretty much anything.  Here are a few ideas...

Web Sites Do you have a great web site idea in mind?  But just lack the server with the capabilities to implement it?  Find out the great things our servers can do for you.

Reseller Hosting Want a great setup for running a single or multiple web sites?  Want to host client web sites?  Find out how our servers can provide reliable and affordable hosting for you.

Java Hosting Java Hosting requires a special setup not found on most web hosts.  RimuHosting have tried to put together a powerful and complete Java hosting environment.  Discover why RimuHosting will make a great home for your webapps.

Email A RimuHosting VPS lets you have your own email address at your own domain.  Or have an email account for multiple users on that domain.  Or even host email services for multiple domains.  Plus you can use our servers to provide centralized spam and virus filtering.

Software Development Use a RimuHosting server as your development box when building applications and web sites.  Show clients what you are working on at every phase of the project.

Server Monitoring A RimuHosting server makes a very affordable system for monitoring the health and availability of your online services.

Redundant Server Hosting with someone else?  Perhaps on a dedicated server?  Get some peace of mind by setting up a standby RimuHosting server.

Revel in Your Geekness Let's face it.  Sometimes you do not need a reason to have your own Linux server on the web.  Sometimes it is just a cool thing that has to be done.  If you must, justify it by hosting a blog or putting up a personal website.

Got Another Idea?

Do you need to do something else?  But are not sure if it is possible? (It probably is!)

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