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GlassFish J2EE Hosting

Glassfish™ is a new-ish Java application server.  It supports all the latest J2EE buzz-technologies like JSP 2.1, JSF 1.2, Servlet 2.4 and EJB 3.0.

GlassFish is an OpenSource project born out of code donated by Sun (from its Application Server PE9 product) and from Oracle's TopLink persistence code.

GlassFish is quite popular, with over 3.75M downloads since July 2007 and 17,000 new developer registrations per month.

RimuHosting are happy to provide GlassFish server hosting.  We recommend a server with 1024MB of memory for this task.  e.g. one of our VPS servers.  We can install the latest version of Glassfish for you for no extra cost, just mention that in the comments when you order.

Deploy Servlet, JSP and J2EE Applications

Deploy your J2EE and JSP webapps on our servers.

We install the well-regarded JBoss 4.0 application server.  It supports EJBs, Servlets (and JSP), JMS (the Java Messaging Service) and JNDI.

We also install the popular Tomcat™ standalone Servlet engine.

Each of our machines is installed with a recent Sun Java VM (JDK7) so you know you'll have access to all the latest APIs.  If you need a different version, just install it.

At RimuHosting there are no 'shared-JVMs' to limit you.  You run your own JBoss™ instance.  And you configure it the way you want it.

Looking for a site using one of our virtual private servers to run a J2EE application?  Look no further!  Rimuhosting.com (this web site) was developed by our staff using JSP and EJB technologies and deployed on one of our standard virtual server plans.

Java Developers: Take Control!

JSP Hosting is becoming more and more popular.  Developers are harnessing the power of Servlets , JSP and EJB to create database backed, user needs driven web sitesJava developers find the technology is a powerful tool for finishing projects on time and to requirements.   And their Java experience they're getting is really helping their careers.

RimuHosting has harnessed our VPS technology to provide an outstanding Java hosting environment.  We have added a level of control and flexibility you probably won't find anywhere else:

Plus: our hosting is backed by a support team, which includes experienced Java developers.

VPS Java Hosting vs. Regular Java Hosting

Java hosting plans have traditionally been very expensive and offered little in the way of control or flexibility.  At RimuHosting, we decided to change that by making VPS plans a Java hoster's dream.

Java Hosting: The Way You Want It

Our VPS technology means you have complete flexibility in configuring your Java setup: from choice of Servlet engine and application server.  To whether or not you use Apache web connectors.

Keep Your Code and Data Safe

Other web hosts may offer shared VMs where your programs run inside the same process as other site's programs.  This is very insecure.  It potentially exposes your applications, passwords, and your data.  Other hosts may offer private VMs where your code runs in its own process, but you may not have a choice of which VM version you use.

RimuHosting's JVM is private, because the whole VPS is private (ergo, Virtual Private Server).  That means that your code, data and application are as secure as they can be.

Overview of Java Hosting on a RimuHosting VPS

RimuHosting has pre-installed a great Java setup on each of our distros.  We have a recent Java VM and a selection of the best Open Source Java application servers out there:

We decided to offer a selection of Servlet engines so our customers could choose the option that was right for them.

Need a particular Tomcat or JBoss version?  We can install it for you.  That even includes the latest beta version!

We have installed our Java services so that they are easy to use and manage.  For example,

The following sections explain how the software was installed, where key files are located, how to start the service and where to put your webapps.

GlassFish, JBoss, Jetty and Tomcat are trademarks of their respective owners.