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The Ordering Process

Place Your Order...

The first step on your virtual server journey is to sign up.  Our order system creates accounts for each user.  Our support ticket system uses your login details to authenticate you (i.e. so strangers won't tell us to reboot your server) and to help us quickly locate your details.

You will probably want to be familiar with our hosting terms and conditions.

... And You'll Be Up And Running in No Time

After you complete your order, we'll receive your order details. You should expect to hear back from us with your setup details with a half business day (if not a lot sooner).


We bill your credit card after you are set up.  The amount will be:

After the first month, we will bill monthly recurring fees in advance at the start of each month.  Overages are charged in arrears.

For example, if you sign up for a $19.95/month plan with a $10 setup fee on January 15 we would bill you for $20.29 which is:

We would next charge your credit card for recurring service at the start of February for $19.95.


If you wish to cancel your hosting service, let us know and we will cancel your account at the start of the next billing period.

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The Setup Email

After we've set up your server, you'll receive a setup email.  It will include your server IP address, and your root password.